ADD is a deskware pieces collection rethought how form and function could mesh as an art form. With two materials, copper and cement, totally differ from Reflectance and Density, the design created a blurred imaging interplay of light and refraction.

ADD intents to express the static products should not exist as forms merely to serve it’s function, but thrive as exaggerate individuals. The collection includes a pen holder, a coaster and a halogen lamp.

Tainan, Taiwan / 2016 spring

01 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
02 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
03 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
04 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
05 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
06 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
07 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
08 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg
09 2016 [ADD_HALOGEN].jpg